August 11, 2023

Peculiar Women of Substance

Peculiar Women of Substance (PWS) is a Non-Profit Organisation that basically Empowers Women, Provide Child Care, Support Education, and help individuals and corporate bodies give back to the Society.


The entertainment agency used to sell event tickets on third-party ticketing systems. With this approach, they lacked full control of how they wanted the tickets to be sold, and where their money was going after the tickets were sold.

Additionally, these third party services were not pushing their brand image forward as their own system would.


We designed a website to sell tickets to all of their 4 events. The website serves as a means of having constant interactions with their clients and potential clients through blog posts, Email and SMS.

Additionally, our robust SEO techniques have been used to give a unique brand to Morgan B entertainment, as they are now easily identified on Google search.
Direct interractions with clients
30% more ticket sales
72% ROI