Our Vision

To digitize African brands, organizations and businesses as a means of introducing them into the future market.

Our Story

We believe in Modern Technology. We believe that businesses now, and businesses a few years to come, would be no businesses if they are not online. As digitization grows and almost everything gets done online, we believe every business must adopt this trend and put their businesses on the digital Platform.

Founded in 2017, the team, spearheaded by Emmanuel Boakye has worked on countless projects with experience in various skill sets. Folla Insights is leading the way in projecting modern digital brands and setting businesses and organizations apart from the lot.

Creative professionals by your side, today and into the future

We’re a diverse, multi-disciplined group of marketing, tech, and creative professionals passionate about what we do. You can count on us.
Emmanuel Boakye

Creative Lead

Creative Designer, Web Developer, Tech Enthusiast and Futurist, pursuing Petroleum Engineering.

Excellent Support
It's less likely you'll encounter an issue with any of our services, but if you do, don't sweat it. We are always available to fix them .
Awesome Team
We know what we are about. We are a team of Techsters who can easily navigate our way through anything that has to do with computers. Trust us.
Faster Performance
Oh...you are on a tight schedule? We love working with some heats on our backs. Just relax and trust the team to deliver.